3D Design

Interior design and innovative adaptation, 3D visualization, ambient art, exterior wall imaging, murals, 3D structured walls, thematic design of space, design and fabrication of stone products and components for household

Scenography and props for events, film, TV, theater, TV commercials, concerts, props for pop-up street and out of home advertising, design and visualization of events, promotions, concerts, arranging commercial and retail areas, arranging displays, expos and exhibition decoration, architectural model making, styrofoam sculpting and modeling

Creating 3D advertising signs and typography, 3D logos, characters, 3D price lists, enlarged product models, totems, props for 3D billboards

Production of designer furniture made ​​of stone, styrofoam and other materials - coffee tables, shelves, counters, racks for retail premises, furniture for offices, wellness centers, playgrounds, schools, kindergartens, home accessories

3D advertisements for cars are new and innovative products on the market of visual communication and promotion


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