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Premium websites ... for acceptable amount of money
Why do you need a website?
Business today is unthinkable without them. They are part of the standard in visual and informative presentation of you and your business.
They are very practical - in one place you can present your products and services and in simple and enjoyable way you can connect with potential customers.
Internet marketing is highly effective and quite inexpensive compared to other media (TV, newspapers, radio...). Using search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn...) you can quickly reach a large number of visitors to your website and target customer groups based on different criteria (age, gender, location, language, interests ...).
Exactly what services do we provide?
Registration of internet domains (e.g. www.something.com) and setup of web server (12 month service with e-mail technical support).
Setup of complete e-mail system (e.g. info @ something.com or name.surname @ something.com or otherwise) and integration into Gmail (sync with PC, Laptop, phone, tablet...).
Multilingual CMS setup with wide range of tools (webshop, newsletter, booking and reservations, catalogs, photo galleries and over 100,000 other available tools). Available languages are English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and others according to query.
Designing a websites (web design). They must be precise and practical, it is true, but they must also be nice and "pleasant to the eye." Statistically users and visitors earlier (faster) leave the pages that look bad (e.g. are not made according to the aesthetic logic).
SEO optimization allows your website to be found by keywords on internet search engines (Google Yahoo, Bing...) and allows it to be highly ranked.
Setup of marketing campaigns in Google and Facebook system - according to your needs and instructions we develop targeted campaigns designed to create maximum impact for your business.
Complete system of statistics (visits and marketing) that allows you to track the results of your pages and marketing campaigns on the Internet.
What exactly is a CMS?
CMS (Content Management System) is a system that allows you to manage your website independently. You are able to add pictures, text and other content on your website all by yourself.
We are interested in complete service!
Certainly! Our technical support is available continuously via our HelpDesk system and you can arrange with us various options of the monthly maintenance service.




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